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Johann Wolff X Walt Grace Vintage

Sun, Apr 28, 24

Johann Wolff X Walt Grace Vintage

Garage doors rattling open as the morning’s light seeps through. Click of the car door open followed by a crisp thump shut. Keys fumbling into the ignition and suddenly the engine awakens with a ge...

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The Zhan: Revised & Revamped

Sun, Jun 25, 23

The Zhan:
Revised & Revamped

When designing, be it a car, a watch or a fine pair of spectacles, it’s necessary to place ideas aside and revisit them at a later date. Well, we did just that. Read more about our latest retake on...

Morning at Sea: Our Summer 2023 Release

Wed, Jun 21, 23

Morning at Sea:
Our Summer 2023 Release

When venturing out to sea, one thing is certain: one must protect one’s eyes from the sun’s beaming rays. Shimmering on the waves, a performance between the light and water. Never seeming to get old. 

best sellers new colors johann wolff eyewear

Wed, Jun 21, 23

Best Sellers, New Colors:
Our latest shades for summer

If you’re looking for the perfect sunglasses to dress up or down, we’ve got all the bases covered. Surf our site to find those perfect shades you won’t take off all summer long.

Eyewear on the Move: Styling Your Shades for Spring and Summer Travel

Wed, May 24, 23

Eyewear on the Move:
Styling Your Shades for Spring and Summer Travel

The sun is shining, temperatures are rising, and the spring and summer travel season is knocking at the door. But before you hit the road, take to the skies, or set sail for distant shores, you nee...

a timeless lesson vintage inspiration johann wolff

Wed, May 24, 23

The Roaring Twenties:
A Timeless Lesson

A portal into the past, The Gatsby is one of those eyewear silhouettes that its origins tend to be overlooked. Pop culture reminds us of its cultural significance, building upon a century’s worth o...

johann wolff when designer is not a necessity

Wed, May 24, 23

When Designer Is Not a Necessity:
The Surprising Value of Independent Eyewear

Designer eyewear may seem to be the order of the day for Hollywood elite, but when it comes to protecting your eyes, and doing it in style, then it’s the independent eyewear designers who fit the b...

Martin & Weimar: A Tale of Two Worlds

Wed, May 24, 23

Martin & Weimar:
A Tale of Two Worlds

This is the tale of two worlds, spanning thousands of miles across the Atlantic and filled with distinctly different ideologies. Yet, sharing a familiar similarity in design language that can only ...

JW x Mr. C Hotel: A Protector to the Windows of the Soul

Fri, Apr 14, 23

JW x Mr. C Hotel:
A Protector to the Windows of the Soul

Given history’s long love affair with Italian eyewear, from the bold sunglasses of Marcello Mastroianni to the unmistakable Persol’s of Steve McQueen, JW & Mr. C unite as one to bring the world...


Tue, Feb 28, 23

Johann Wolff:
An Independent Eyewear Love Story

Johann Wolff was created to offer a home to independent eyewear designers and manufacturers, those eager to offer unique and ultra high quality eyewear for a diverse consumer market at every price ...


Tue, Feb 28, 23

A Botanical Oasis for Mid-Century Ranch Style Homes

Johann Wolff's latest glasses campaign was shot in Pinecrest, a lush botanical oasis filled with mid-century ranch style homes that make the perfect backdrop for our latest collection.