The Zhan:
Revised & Revamped

The Zhan: Revised & Revamped

When designing, be it a car, a watch or a fine pair of spectacles, it’s necessary to place ideas aside and revisit them at a later date.

Allowing the idea to marinate and take on a life of its own apart from its original intention. These designs can even be released to the public and revisited years down the line for a facelift to fine tune details that could use improvement. Allowing client suggestions and extensive wear tests to guide a product down a new path. Well, we did just that. The Zhan has been part of the Johann Wolff eyewear roster nearly since the beginning. We’ve taken time to take a step back and process what improvements could be made and delivered our clients what they wanted. 

Zhan Revised & Revamped Johann Wolff

We took the existing shell of the Zhan and flattened out the temple ends, readjusted the proportions and implemented polarized lens. All while adding new colors to the already rich array of combinations offered. The Zhan is a unique shape that sits between an aviator and a classic P-3 silhouette. Merging characteristics of both, such as the teardrop lens shape from the aviator and a keyhole bridge with a soft bowline from the P-3. Two iconic silhouettes that have become synonymous with eyewear, solidifying the Zhan as an innovative take on unmistakable classics. Establishing the Zhan as an extremely versatile spectacle suitable for any occasion.

Zhan Revised & Revamped Johann Wolff

In terms of styling, the Zhan is as classic as they get while offering its wearer the subtlest touch of undeniable 50’s swagger. Its size of 47mm falls closer to a vintage eyewear size without feeling too small on the wearers face. So, essentially you get the best of both worlds. A modernized fit that has a distinct feel of a different era, allowing the frame to speak for its self. The updated proportions and tucked in lenses appear extremely effortless from a distance, yet once inspected closely channels a very stylish aura reminiscent of 60’s French Riviera style.

Zhan Revised & Revamped Johann Wolff

Given the frame’s style direction, it seemed fit to relaunch the Zhan on a nautical adventure during the early hours of the morning in Biscayne Bay. Channeling a similar energy to stylish sailors of the past such as Errol Flynn or Gianni Agnelli. Two extremely stylish gentleman that had an affinity for their sailboats.  The Zhan carries a similar aura to the eyewear Mr. Flynn and Mr. Agnelli wore during their time. Tapping into the effortlessness that Johann Wolff really strives to achieve across all its designs. The facelifted Zhan is here and it isn’t going anywhere. Suggestions and concerns were poured into the imagination of the frame and its noticeable. Enjoy it with love and remember to stay effortless.

A modernized fit that has a distinct feel of a different
era, allowing the frame to speak for its self.