Morning at Sea:
Our Summer 2023 Release

Morning at Sea: Our Summer 2023 Release

The act of slowing down and unwinding, being fully present in the current moment, seems so complicated in today’s day and age. Too many distractions left and right. Emails are directly linked to our cellphones, apps are designed to lure us in and hold us hostage. Time seems to keep speeding up. It’s as though the concept of time changed, yet no one was told. Sailing is a pure act of presence. Being completely in the now. For our latest release, the Johann Wolff team decided to center our campaign around the act of sailing. 

A morning at sea, being present and enjoying the moment without any distractions. To sail a ship, one needs to be fully aware and in tune with their surroundings. Aware of neighboring vessels, the depth of the water, the speed of the winds and the chaos that comes with being at sea. Mistakes are less forgiving than when operating a boat with motors and modern electronics, which assist the captain and make corrections as needed. Forcing those on board to be mindful of situation at hand.

morning at sea johann wolff eyewear summer 2023Everyone is so focused on enjoying the destination that the process is often overlooked. Yet, the process should be considered as part of the enjoyment. Sailing makes the occupants take part in the process of navigating a vessel out to sea. Ridding the crew of distractions, allowing them to be fully present in the surrounding natural beauty. When venturing out to sea on a sunny South Florida morning, one thing is certain: one must protect one’s eyes from the sun’s beaming rays. Shimmering on the waves, a performance between the light and water. Never seeming to get old. 

morning at sea johann wolff eyewear summer 2023Be it steering the ship or below deck reading a book; eyewear is a crucial part of being out at sea. Johann Wolff’s latest release introduces a new frame to the eyewear roster: The Konrad. A bold, rectangular spectacle consisting of clean lines and a classically styled silhouette. On the roomier side for those fuller faces. The Konrad serves as an extremely versatile frame, perfect for a morning out at sea. Offering maximum protection through polarized lenses that reduce glare flickering on the water.

morning at sea johann wolff eyewear summer 2023Continuing on the release radar, the Zhan and Morrison have received some updates. Our design team has introduced the Zhan in new colors, such as Matte Army and Smoke, with photochromic lenses for an easy transition between light and dark spaces. As well as the beloved Morrison in a really special Glass color, which shines bright when light passes through the rich acetate construction.

morning-at-sea-johann-wolff-sunglasses2Go outside, be in nature, enjoy time with loved ones and don’t forget to be present. Use the eyewear you love and incorporate it in daily activities to enhance your everyday life. Don’t wait for those special occasions. Check out our newest releases on our website and browse through our cherished classics to find the perfect spectacle for an enhanced experienced.