Carousel x Simon G.

johann wolff x simon grossman

Eyewear and musicians have garnered a symbiotic presence in the public eye after a decades-long love affair. From James Brown to Elton John to Ozzy Osborne - glasses have been part of music’s onstage uniform, solidifying them as one of the most recognizable staples of an artist’s wardrobe. On one’s face – the ultimate stage front and center where the public’s eye is naturally drawn. For the artist’s eyewear must hold a significant meaning contributing to the cadence of the performance. Could it be an amulet of power that lets its wearer harness its creative energy when in peril? Or a shield that minimizes the creative rays beaming onto its user who’s channeling the power of sound to move a crowd?


Through our latest partnership, we got to the bottom of these intrusive thoughts that kept our creative team up at night. Our newest collaboration is dear to our hearts, not just a friend but a part of the Johann Wolff family – Mr. Simon Grossman. Simon has been sporting the same JW frame for quite some time now, so it only felt right to partner with him for something special just in time for the release of his new EP, Mostly Fresh. We sat down with Simon for a quick chat right before he flew to the Dominican Republic, where he’s hosting a concert for the release. Not only did we engage in thoughtful conversation, but we also exchanged some incredibly beautiful or beautifully terrible doodles.You be the judge – go watch the interview available on all our socials.

The frame that Simon has been sporting since the start has been the Carousel. It’s become a staple of his wardrobe – on and off the stage. Which made it quite intentional when picking a silhouette to build upon. The Johann Wolff x Simon G collab consists of three (3) Carousel models in a newly introduced color to the style family – champagne. A decadently neutral base serves as the platform for the lenses to take center stage. After mulling it over we landed on Gradient Lime, Blue and Burgundy.


As Simon expresses in our chat – he loves the versatility of this frame and its lens options for different settings he may be in. The Blue lens is a great everyday wear with a crisp optical clarity. Gradient Lime is half in and half out of the funk. The unique color creates a one of a kind optical experience that you’ll have to try for yourself. Great for transitioning from early evening into the night. Then the Burgundy cruises its wearer into the night – venturing on a plush visual journey comforting its wearer as the night persists. All three (3) styles feature a diamond on the temple as an homage to his 2020 EP Triste Pero Fresh – a little gem full of attitude and freshness.johann-wolff-simon-grossman-sunglassesSimon like to keep it simple. He’s never been about jewelry or too many accessories but when it comes to eyewear – you can say he takes it seriously. Our collaboration with him is an embodiment of how he approaches his eyewear. All three (3) styles are meant to accommodate whichever journey you’re on. As the day transitions and takes on new turns fueled by fresh emotions – the eyewear enhances the experience. See the world as Simon sees it by interacting with our latest release. If you’re in the Dominican Republic – swing by his concert if you can manage to snag tickets. Listen to some sweet tunes and get a glimpse of Simon wearing the Johann Wolff x Simon G collab onstage. If not – swing by our boutique in the Grove and come explore our latest partnership. Maybe we’ll even play the Mostly Fresh EP so you get the full experience.