The Roaring Twenties:
A Timeless Lesson

a timeless lesson vintage inspiration johann wolff

A time of impeccable tailoring, rambunctious decadence, and striking eyewear; the Roaring Twenties. Birthing pop culture references through the likes of The Great Gatsby and recent films such as Babylon. Both works depicting characters set in an ideal memory of a past once forgotten. The Roaring Twenties was a time of excess and revolt. The world was not the same after WWI; economic prosperity filled the West, Jazz trumpets were bouncing through its cities, art deco was peaking and its people were the most alive they’ve ever been.johann wolff the roaring twentiesThis need for life fueled the debauchery that was the 20’s. A decade of bliss that seemed like it would never end. If only that was true, its people were unseemly oblivious to the impending doom that was in-store in the decade to come. The 20’s fashion paved the way for much of modern gala wear and its eyewear was impeccable. Small, yet powerful. Opulent frames that prided themselves on their intriguing simplicity, yet striking appearance. Birthing the round frame as we know it today.a timeless lesson gatsby matte black johann wolffThe round frame is so seemingly simple, yet does not cease to lose its bold presence over the decades. Always referenced when depicting the Roaring Twenties on-screen. Recently seen in the movie Babylon, going subtly unnoticed. At Johann Wolff, we added a 20’s inspired frame to our roster towards the tail end of 2022. Respectively named, The Gatsby. No need to clarify where that name came from. A perfect interpretation of a classic silhouette that has maintained its undeniable presence for the past century. a timeless lesson gatsby glasses creme johann wolff The Gatsby serves as a blank canvas for our clients to add their own unique flair. Being a seemingly perfect round shape, The Gatsby is an easy to wear frame for smaller to medium faces that will be sure to turn heads. Be it one of our stock options or a photochromic lens. A round frame is the perfect shape to add a bit of personality too. Check out our guide on light tints here for a detailed guide on how to approach this.

A portal into the past, The Gatsby is one of those eyewear silhouettes that its origins tend to be overlooked. Pop culture reminds us of its cultural significance, building upon a century’s worth of history. Channel the careless energy of the 20’s through a timeless frame. The Gatsby is a modern classic waiting to take on new life, one wear at a time.

Image courtesy of The Great Gatsby, Warner Bros.