The Dessau & Friends


For this latest eyewear highlight, we took an evening stroll through the Big Apple to capture our newest releases just in time for summer. We’ll be introducing a brand new design, heavily inspired by the modernist movement, along with some facelifts of JW classic styles. New York, New York has served as the epicenter of innovation and design decade after decade - merging established ideas with fresh ideologies. Quite similar to our approach on design which pays respect to the past while establishing a bridge into the present. 

Our newest addition to the JW roster is the Dessau, named after the Bauhaus school’s second outpost in Dessau, Germany, which was designed by Walter Gropius in 1926 after the Germans closed the founding school in Weimar. Bauhaus Dessau is noted as one of the most iconic modernist buildings of the 20th century. The spectacles are comprised of riveted front pins, which act as the backbone of the frames, adding substantial structural integrity. Sharp beveling at the brow line is complimented effortlessly by soft beveling at the temple, in an homage to the asymmetrical compositions found throughout the Bauhaus Dessau school building.

johann wolff dessau and friends
The newly developed JW crest, first seen on the Konrad, can be found on the interior of the Dessau’s right temple. A nod to our roots in the Caribbean, the crest was designed to resemble a tropical insignia. This is not the only newness featured on this frame – the Palm Green and Slate colorways feature photochromic lenses. Which is a first for any stock JW frame. For those unfamiliar with photochromic lenses – it is a lens type that darkens through exposure to direct UV light. So the wearer can transition effortlessly from a bright sunny day into a low-lit evening setting without having to remove their eyewear.

As the sunlight faded into the evening the Carousel Blade Fade and Flieger LIGHT made for an effortless transition. The Carousel is sporting a photochromic lens which allowed for a seamless segue into the evening. Facelifted to include the JW crest as the original release came prior to the crest’s development. The Flieger LIGHT makes for a great spectacle to instantly enhance your style while protecting your eyesight from faint UV lighting that is still prominent as the sun is on its way out. This assortment of eyewear allowed us to traverse the city aimlessly while protected and in style.

johann wolff dessau and friends

Moving through the city with a personal assortment of eyewear allows for a seamless transition between the ebbs and flows of the day. Maneuvering through bright to low lit settings with an array of eyewear options enhances your daily experience. Letting the glasses act as stylized tools to tackle the job at hand. Be it traversing your daily commute to stepping away from the screen for a break outside. Exceptional eyewear makes for an enhanced quality of life. And not to mention deep rooted style points through timeless design. 

johann wolff dessau

As always – the JW team thanks you for joining us on this afternoon adventure through New York City. Swing by our boutique in Coconut Grove for a personalized styling session with one of our eyewear specialists to get you into the right frames. 

Keep those eyes protected and stay stylish. 

Hasta la proxima amigos.