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Tripping Animals Brewing

Zhan Sunglasses X Tripping Animals Brewing

Summer 2023

Morning at Sea

When venturing out to sea, one thing is certain: one must protect one’s eyes from the sun’s beaming rays. Shimmering on the waves, a performance between the light and water. Never seeming to get old.

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Spring 2023

Mr. C Hotel

Given history’s long love affair with Italian eyewear, from the bold sunglasses of Marcello Mastroianni to the unmistakable Persol’s of Steve McQueen, JW & Mr. C unite as one to bring the world a sunglass that serves as a protector of the windows to your soul; the eyes.

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Winter 2023

The Kampong

A dance between the shade provided by the tree canopy and the warm Florida sun’s beaming rays, illuminating the garden and its array of vivid colors. It subtly screams Miami, allowing viewers to see the city through local eyes. Purposefully highlighting the beauty of the local fauna that serves as the perfect backdrop for eyewear that is inspired by a distant past. A reminder of where we came from.

Summer 2022

Esme Hotel

A portal into a local’s weekend filled with Miami sunshine and its sea of pastels. The Esme shoot highlights a leisurely staycation, where time is set aside and the focus shifts to poolside lounging and youthful shenanigans. Taking place in Fall 2022, this campaign highlights the never-ending Summer we enjoy in the Sunshine State.

Spring 2021

Miami Living

Taking place in a typical Coral Gables home, the residence shoot allowed us to showcase our optical collection in a relaxed setting, allowing the viewer to appreciate the spectacles in their day-to-day environment. Using the pool and outside flora allowed us to expand on the typical Miami day storyline while showcasing our latest sunglasses arrivals.

Fall 2021

1 Hotel

Warm weather, beautiful ocean views, and tropical flora are the focal points the viewer is meant to perceive. Taking place in the 1 Hotel, we wanted to showcase a lush paradise where sunglasses are an essential accessory for anyone enjoying such surroundings. The shoot also served as a platform to launch our collaboration with the 1 Hotel, a limited run of 100 pairs of JSB sunglasses in Moss Green. 

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