Johann Wolff X Walt Grace Vintage

Johann Wolff X Walt Grace Vintage

Garage doors rattling open as the morning’s light seeps through. Click of the car door open followed by a crisp thump shut. Keys fumbling into the ignition and suddenly the engine awakens with a gentle roar. Rumbling through the garage as the car warms up. A perfume of gasoline and oiled leather inundate the cabin. A sensory overload that seems to have been lost from the driving experience, now sought after by car enthusiasts from all walks of life. The pre-drive ritual that only those who own a classic will understand, yet try to rave about to whoever will lend them an ear.

Modern innovation and comfort have revolutionized the driving experience from what it once was. Brake assist, parking sensors, back-up cameras, intricately covered engine bays and a digital dashboard filled with all one needs to understand the state their car is in without lifting a finger. These are just a few innovations that have revolutionized the driving experience, ultimately making it easier for the driver. As all good innovations tend to do in their respective fields. With all this external assistance one major factor has been lost from the experience: control.

Feeling every inch of the road, the wind seeping through the cracked window seals and the lack of steering assist. A driver’s ultimate dream, complete control. The Johann Wolff team are avid car enthusiasts who resonate with these quirks of the driving experience. Referencing classic car design as part of the eyewear design process. Given this, it seemed fitting to collaborate with a team of individuals who felt the same about cars, the lovely folks over at Walt Grace Vintage. The idea was simple:      

         Our friends over at Walk Grace were gracious enough to provide us with a beautiful 1973 Porsche 911 S to showcase our collaboration Driver’s Kit. This car is a prime example of full-fledged control and feeling of the road. The perfect setting to highlight the control the wearer has over how they experience their spectacles depending on the clips mounted on the frame. Allowing for a truly customizable experience that is meant to enhance whichever ritual is being performed. Allow the JW x WG collaboration to aid in ridding you of the external noise that might distract you from what’s important. Be it driving, making tea, or reading a book; take time to enjoy the process and be present in what you are doing.

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