Eyewear on the Move:
Styling Your Shades for Spring and Summer Travel

Eyewear on the Move: Styling Your Shades for Spring and Summer Travel

The sun is shining, temperatures are rising, and the spring and summer travel season is knocking at the door. But before you hit the road, take to the skies, or set sail for distant shores, you need to ensure your eyewear wardrobe is ready for all your adventures may bring. We’ll show you how to style your shades and specs for your warm weather wanderings.

Consider the Weather

When you’re choosing the best spectacles and sunglasses to take with you on your travels, one of the first and most important considerations are the weather conditions in your destination. If you’re headed to a particularly warm and sunny locale, you’d probably do well to pack a pair of sunglasses that feature lightweight frames, perhaps with wire rims, and deeply tinted shades. 

Frames that have a smaller footprint can feel more comfortable on hot days when you’re very active outside and actively perspiring. On the other hand, dark tinted lenses can offer significant protection against the sun’s glare on even the brightest of summer days.

On the other hand, if you’re going somewhere where the weather is a bit less certain, a bit more changeable, you might opt for lighter lenses, which can offer better visual acuity when the weather is cloudy. You may also choose a more substantial acetate frame, such as the Carousel, which provides great eye protection while making a bold style statement.styling shades for spring and summer johann wolff

Styling for Your Itinerary

When you’re putting together your travel eyewear ensemble, it’s also a good idea to plan ahead for the various activities that you’ll be engaged in. For instance, some frames are better suited to vigorous physical activity than others. If, for example, you’re headed out to ocean, you’re going to want to pack shades that are robust enough to stay in place while you’re sailing and tinted deeply enough to protect against glare without compromising your visual acuity. styling shades for spring and summer johann wolffThe Zhan line, for example, is an ideal choice because it combines optimal functionality with unmatched versatility. The acetate and stainless steel construction makes frames extremely durable, meaning that the sunglasses can stand up to all the punishment your vacation adventures can dish out. Likewise, the updated aviator-inspired design, with its unique centered teardrop, adds another layer of toughness to the frames. They also feature an anti-reflective lens coating, which means that you’re going to get superb eye protection and stellar visual clarity whether you’re dealing with glare from sand or even snow.

Planning For Your Style Statement

Your vacation eyewear wardrobe needs to be functional for all the various activities you plan to enjoy while you’re on the road, but that’s far from the only consideration, of course. No matter what you end up doing, you want to look good doing it. 

So, in addition to thinking about how you need your eyewear to perform through your myriad travel activities, you also need to think about the style statement you intend to make while you’re there. There are, for example, few designs that look better, or more timeless, for relaxing beachside than the classic round. The Gatsby, for example, is the perfect for small, delicate faces. Their lightweight acetate frames are available in cream, shades of tortoise, smoke, and clear.. These understated frames are a throwback to vintage Hollywood. They don’t have to shout for attention or admiration. They command it.styling shades for spring and summer johann wolffWhile a sleek, iconic design like the Gatsby might be right for those who want to make a statement without making a fuss, there are also a wide range of options for anyone seeking to draw the spotlight during their spring and summer adventures. The Konrad, for example, is a bold reimagining of the classic wayfarer design. It features a rectangular frame with a saddle bridge. The distinctive shape and generous proportions make the Konrad a design that’s meant to be noticed–and talked about. And the small details, such as the elegant bronze rivets seen on the front and side of the frame, add just the right touch of flare. This makes these comfortable, durable, and timeless frames perfect not just for daytime fun and relaxation but also for evening outings, whether you’re headed to an elegant dinner, a concert, or simply a night out exploring the best tourist hotspots with friends. styling shades for spring and summer johann wolffThough classic acetates are great for hitting the right note in your vacation style statement, they’re far from the only option. Wire frames can also be a terrific choice, no matter what your particular design aesthetic may be. Once again, The Zeppelin is a standout if you’re looking for an aviator that combines strength, wearability, and style. The distinctive shape looks ultra cool whether you’re taking them to the beach or wearing them for a night out on the town.styling shades for spring and summer johann wolff

Showcasing the Sun Clip

If you wear prescription spectacles and you don’t want the bulk of sleeping an oversized pair of sunglasses over your glasses, then sun clips can be a versatile and stylish solution. Sun clips allow you to instantly transform your traditional spectacles into sunglasses. And they come in myriad custom tints that make them not only functional but also stylish. styling shades for spring and summer johann wolffBecause they’re lightweight and super easy to install and remove, you can even pack an entire sun clip collection to take with you on your travels. Keep them in your bag or your pocket and simply switch them out to match your outfit or to get a little more (or less) sun protection when you need it. With sun clips, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

Let Johann Wolff Help

At Johann Wolff, our experienced team of style experts is always ready and eager to help you build the perfect eyewear wardrobe for any occasion. Contact us today to begin putting together the sunglasses style perfect for your spring and summer travels.