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Our latest shades for summer

best sellers new colors johann wolff eyewear

Unboxing new arrivals is always an exciting experience, especially when new colors have been produced in some our best-selling frames. Color is a continuously evolving topic at Johann Wolff that we take very seriously, given that each color we select for our frames goes through a rigorous selection process. Various rounds of sampling dictated by a back and forth between our design team lead us to unique color options every season. For this latest release we released new colors in the Anna, Otto, Kepler and JSB.

best sellers new colors johann wolff eyewearRight in time for summer, the Anna is available in an ivory as well as a matte ivory. Opposite to the ivory, the JSB is now offered in a translucent smoke. These colors are on opposing sides of the color spectrum, even though they live within the same family. The ivory is a rich cream that works very well on women, especially those with a darker complexion. Not to be limited, this color works well for men that are looking to make a statement. Now, the smoke JSB is a frame that works exceptionally well as an everyday frame, while not lacking the style. The light beveling reduces the sharp lines on the frame, giving off a more casual feel.

best sellers new colors johann wolff eyewear We’ve freshened up some our earliest designs, the Otto and Kepler, with some new color additions to the lineup. The Otto in matte smoke takes a classically designed silhouette into the future solely through the language of color. A matte smoke finish brings new life to this vintage inspired frame, mixing the best of both worlds. As for the Kepler, it is now available in army. A rich translucent green that comes off as black to the untrained eye, as soon as the sunlight shines through the frame is becomes the star of the show really exhibiting its unique color. Makes for the perfect understated frame that wields hidden powers.

best sellers new colors johann wolff eyewear Check out the rest of the new colors available on our site. We’re excited to share them with you before summer kicks into gear. If you’re looking for the perfect sunglasses to dress up or down, we’ve got all the bases covered. Surf our site to find those perfect shades you won’t take off all summer long. P.S. hope on the ivory color quick, we know it’s going to be a favorite.