When Designer Is Not a Necessity:
The Surprising Value of Independent Eyewear

johann wolff when designer is not a necessity

Designer eyewear may seem to be the order of the day for Hollywood elite, but when it comes to protecting your eyes, and doing it in style, then it’s the independent eyewear designers who fit the bill like no other. That’s why, at Johann Wolff, we are proud to be an independent eyewear purveyor through our vast and varied line of accessible luxury eyewear. 

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That’s because we at Johann Wolff understand that what matters most in  eyewear is not how it looks but how it’s made, how generations of craftsmanship and how many hours, days, weeks, and even months of care have gone into each creation. 

And that is why we choose to partner only with the most dedicated, talented, and conscientious of manufacturers. In this way, we ensure that every pair of sunglasses sold by Johann Wolff is not only supremely stylish but also superbly crafted, designed to complement your personal style while also protecting your eyes. 

This shows you how JW can give you truly accessible luxury, combining the high-end look of a luxury brand with the meticulous craftsmanship that only  autonomous handcrafting can provide.

Luxury Eyewear Rarely Equates to First-Class Eye Protection

It’s easy to mistake luxury prices for luxury quality, particularly when it comes to eye protection. The reality, however, is that if you want eyewear that does more than just look great on your face, then it’s probably a good idea to forgo the designer brands for the independent manufacturers.

Consider, for example, the decadent Gatsby. In addition to being an irresistible reference to the Roaring Twenties and the cosmopolitanism of Jazz Age New York, the Gatsby spectacles are a true feast both for and to the eyes. 

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With their polarized CR-39 lenses, complete with anti-reflective coating, the Gatsby offers protection against UVA and UVB rays. Contrast this with most designer lenses, which typically provide no protection against dangerous UVB exposure. 

Too many designer shades fail in the principal mission for which sunglasses are designed–to protect your eyes against the ultraviolet rays that can, over time, lead to serious health concerns, including cataracts, vision loss, and some forms of eye cancer. That’s why, when you’re looking for sunglasses that offer substance as well as style, the independent crafters have a definite advantage over the designer eyewear brands.

Color Your World With Custom Tints

Vibrant lenses in custom tints and super dark shades worn all hours of the day and night may look pretty cool when you’re strolling the red carpet or enjoying the nightlife of the Cote d’Azur. But there’s much more to custom tinted shades than many designer brands may lead you to think.

In fact, while custom tints can give you the stylistic flair you crave, it’s important to be judicious with your aesthetic. When it comes both to visual acuity and eye protection, not all custom tints are created equal. For instance, ultra dark lenses can cause eye strain and may even lead to accidents when worn in low light conditions. 

johann wolff when designer is not a necessity

Because we at Johann Wolff are as concerned with utility and safety as we are with aesthetics, we tend to eschew the very bold, vibrant tints that don’t offer a great deal in terms of eye protection. Save the violet purple, sunbeam yellow, and blood red lenses for your next rave. Turn instead to our soft pastels if you want a tinted lens that still guards against ultraviolet rays while ensuring visual acuity on overcast and sunny days alike.   

The Environmental Impact of Designer Eyewear

The impact that humans are having on the natural environment is only increasingly beginning to be acknowledged and understood. And as the recognition of the real and present danger of the climate threat grows, so too do calls for more environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry has long been recognized as a leading contributor of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental harms. The good news, however, is that alternatives do exist. 

Independent eyewear manufacturers, such as Johann Wolff, have long since embraced an array of environmentally-friendly practices. This includes the repurposing of vintage acetate frames and minimal plastic in their packaging. In addition, each pair of sunglasses and spectacles sold by Johann Wolff is outfitted with a custom vegan leather case and microfiber cleaning cloth. 

The result is a high-quality, custom-made product that protects your eyes, looks impeccable for every occasion, and is gentle on the planet.

Unique Eyewear for Your Unique Style

Let’s face it, there’s no one on the planet quite like you. So why shell out hundreds of dollars for a mass-produced product that you can find on any page of a glossy magazine (and on the faces of every celeb wannabe around town)? 

When you choose to invest in eyewear expertly crafted by an independent designer, you’re not getting some boilerplate replica of what a pair of designer shades should look like. You’re not settling for one of a hundred thousand mass-produced replicas of the same design. 

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No, you are getting a product that is designed with care and crafted with the profound attention to detail that only a master artisan can provide. And what that means is that whether you’re wearing your shades to a social event or a business function, you are certain to stand out from the crowd. Your shades won’t just turn heads, they’ll spark conversation. And the story you have to tell of your Johann Wolff eyewear isn’t one of some giant, faceless corporate brand selling their wares from one corner of the globe to the next. 

Your story will be of a brand that produces not a product, but a work of art. After all, for us at Johann Wolff, eyewear is not a business, but a passion, a tradition, a craft. Channeled through our designs are the painstaking work of generations of artistry, of technical knowledge and pride of craftsmanship passed down for centuries. And it is this history that you choose to bring into your life and your style story with every Johann Wolff purchase.

If you are ready to experience the Johann Wolff difference, please visit one of our retailers or contact our team of eyewear specialists by phone or email today!