A Lesson on Custom Tints

A Lesson on Custom Tints

Why the Color of Your Glasses Lenses Matters

Whether you intend on wearing your light tints during a day party, festival or adding flair to a nighttime outfit, there are a few pointers to take into consideration. The lighter the tint, the more strained your eyes will be by the sun.

If you’re planning on heading to a festival like Coachella that transitions from day to night, opt for a medium intensity tint that will reduce eye strain while not being too dark for a smooth transition into the night. This will allow for your frames to be more versatile when styling. 

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For starters, lens colors make the wearer perceive the world in different ways unique to each color family. An orange, yellow or anything with a brown undertone will provide the most visual clarity, enhancing one’s day or night. A light blue or green has a cooling effect, while intensifying naturally occurring blues and greens around the wearer’s surroundings.

Purple and red are where things start to get interesting. Wear a frame with a lightly tinted lens in one of these colors and you won’t want to take them off. Purple and red give more life to any scenario; be it a sunset drive by the water or some late night shenanigans.

Styling these light tints is no stroll in the park, there’s a whole science behind the decision making required when it comes to pairing tints with outfit choices. If you’re looking for an easy frame to throw on with a light tint, go for a metal frame. No frills, let’s just focus on the color you chose to brighten your day. The Johann Wolff Zeppelin is just the frame you’ll need to take on any tint color. Seamless and lightweight, any outfit choice will work with this frame.

johann wolff custom tints blog post

 Acetate frames are a whole other animal; especially if you dare to wear your light tinted frames at night. This isn’t territory for the faint of heart, wearing tinted frames at night attracts attention whether you like it or not. The Johann Wolff Anna is the perfect candidate for a bold lens and frame pairing. The size of the frame mixed with a tint will definitely make a statement.

johann wolff custom tints blog post

Are Tinted Lens Sunglasses Right For You?

Light tinted lenses are a fresh and easy way to add a bit of edge to any outfit. There are no rules so long as you feel confident in what you are wearing on your face. You just have to figure out what color you’d like to experience the world through. We at Johann Wolff love to get creative with lens colors, feel free to drop us a line or shoot us an email so we can guide you through your light tint journey.