Future So Bright:
Finding the Perfect Shades for Your Winter Travels

Future So Bright: Finding the Perfect Shades for Your Winter Travels

Whether you’re headed for the ski slopes or a sun-kissed beach south of the border, finding the perfect shades for your winter travels isn’t just a matter of style. It’s also about keeping those baby blues, bodacious browns, gorgeous greens, and heavenly hazels healthy and bright all winter long.

But how do you know which sunglasses are right for you? The truth is that you’ve got a symphony of choices when it comes to finding the best designer shades, that wonderfully luxury eyewear that reflects your aesthetic and suits your lifestyle. 

From awesome aviators to classic cat-eye, from handy sunclips to slip into your shirt pocket to statement shades complete with their own designer case, and from ski slope to airport to shipboard, there’s a unique set of sunglasses to take you everywhere you want to be this winter vacation season.

Acetate and Wire Frames

When you’re trying to find the right shades for your next winter excursion, it’s important to consider what you want your average day on vacation to look like. If you’re planning for a full-on action-packed adventure holiday loaded with all the hard-hitting fun that the winter season has to offer, then you’re going to want a shade that’s durable without being cumbersome.

The JSB line, for example, combines the strength and solidity of a stainless steel core with the lightness and ease of cellulose acetate. This means that the shades rest comfortably on the face, while being substantial enough to make a bold and undeniably modern style statement. Best of all, the solidity and generous proportions of the frames means that you’re going to get significant eye protection no matter whether you’re snowboarding, skiing the slopes, or riding the waves.

Opt For Sunglasses with Anti-Reflective Lenses

When we think of sunglasses and shades, generally the first images that spring to mind are hot summer days and an August sun glancing off a warm, sandy beach. The reality, though, is that your eyes need sun protection just as much in January as they do in July.  In fact, because the angle of the sun is significantly lower in the winter months, you’re going to get more glare, particularly off highly reflective surfaces such as snow and ice. 

So if your winter travels are taking you to a snowy mountain resort, then you’re going to want sunglasses that will shield those precious peepers from punishing winter glare. Shades like the Weimar line look amazing whether you’re on the slalom or at the lodge sipping hot cocoa by the fireside. 

But that’s not all, because the Weimar offers designer luxury with rockstar-level eye protection. The shades feature polarized CR-39 lenses with anti-reflective lenses. And what that means is that not only will your eyes be protected from damaging ultraviolet rays, but you’re also going to see better in even the brightest of conditions. That means you’re going to have less eye strain and fewer headaches so that you can keep the party roiling all winter long!

Unique, Designer Shades For Everyday Use

When you’re looking for a luxury pair of shades that will take you from morning to night in comfort and style, then you can’t go wrong with the Zeppelin line. The Zeppelin is a contemporary reimagining of the classic aviator and it’s perfectly designed for both form and function. 

First, the frames are constructed from ultra-tough stainless steel, meaning that they’re not going to bend, warp, or break no matter what kind of abuse your winter vacation adventures subject them to. (There’s a reason, after all, that aviators are the chosen frames of Top Guns everywhere!) 

And with their polarized lenses and anti-reflective coating, they’re going to baby your eyes in even the harshest of conditions, from glaring snowpeaks to dazzling tropical beaches. 

But the Zeppelins are designed for comfort as well as strength. They’re outfitted with adjustable silicone nose pads and acetate temple tips for a secure, cozy, and custom fit. In other words, you can put these luxury shades through their paces in your holiday fun and they’re not going to slip, slide, or fall off your face!

The Delicious Versatility of Sun Clips

Let’s face it: There are times when you just want to take it easy. And when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun, it doesn’t get much easier, or much cooler, than the versatile sun clip

Sun clips are a terrific way to combine the eye protection you need with the style statement you want. And if you wear prescription eyeglasses, sun clips can transform those specs into sunnies in mere seconds and with just a single snap. That’s a pretty great eyewear perk when you’re looking to travel light while on winter holiday. 

Your sun clips can be neatly tucked inside a shirt or shorts pocket, a tote, or a handbag. And that means that you never have to worry about carrying around two pairs of eyewear. Sun clips are the phone booth that turn your eyeglasses from Clark Kent into Superman. 

Unique Eyewear in Custom Tints

When you decide to invest in a pair of high-end designer shades to take with you on your winter travel adventures, chances are, you’re not interested in some predictable, run-of-the-mill design. You want luxury eyewear that makes a statement. You want shades that are weirdly, wildly, wonderfully you.

And that’s why choosing sunglasses in custom tints is everything. After all, winter vacation is all about finding a fun escape, about escaping the seasonal doldrums with a dash of adventure. Ordinary tints just won’t do when you’re looking to break free of the mundane and workaday of winter.

So, as you’re planning your travels, think about what you want to do, how you want to feel, and what image you want to project for this winter vacation. You may decide, for instance, that you want to explore the world while peering through rose-colored glasses and so select your custom sunglass tint accordingly.

On the other hand, if you’re selecting your perfect custom tint for more utilitarian reasons, then take some time to consider how certain tints impact your visual acuity. Medium intensity shades in orange, brown, or yellow will be best for taking you from day to evening while offering significant glare reduction. 

Conversely, blue and green tints work well for daytime and will really bring out the natural hues of sea, sky, and foliage in your surroundings. And, of course, if you’re looking for custom tints that will really lend drama to the scene, especially amid the brilliance of sunset and sunrise, then lenses tinted in shades of red and purple are going to give you a view on the world that you won’t soon forget!

Let the Johann Wolff Team Find the Unique Shades for You!

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