Martin & Weimar:
A Tale of Two Worlds

Martin & Weimar: A Tale of Two Worlds

The Martin & Weimar Glasses Frames: Johann Wolff

This is the tale of two worlds, spanning thousands of miles across the Atlantic and filled with distinctly different ideologies. Yet, sharing a familiar similarity in design language that can only be observed retrospectively. One American and one German, spawning during a tumultuous time in the world’s history. A time of persecution and varying beliefs, united through an aesthetic that surpassed borders and transcended time.

tale of two worlds model shot 2 johann wolff

We at Johann Wolff [JW] present you to the Martin and the Weimar, two spectacles that reference a similar period in time. Taking inspiration from a prominent design produced in both the United States and Germany around the time of WWII. Separated by continents, yet united through their similarities in design approach. Several months have been spent perfecting these two silhouettes, allowing our team to pay the necessary respect to their origins. Our team has taken these two vintage silhouettes and modernized their proportions while introducing refreshing color palettes.

tale of two worlds martin black fade johann wolff

New York City back alleys and jazz clubs gave way to some of the most interesting eyewear to date. The Martin is based on a vintage frame that our design team sourced from the depth of the belly of the beast. The Big Apple. Its stout presence and sophisticated lines compliment the simplicity of this frame. From a distance, it could be mistaken for a classic Wayfarer, yet once analyzed up close, a substantial amount of acetate is present. Our team chose to keep this frame on the wider side, to accommodate more prominent faces while not overpowering the front of the frame. This allows the Martin to work as an oversized frame for smaller faces while fitting larger faces as a proportionate spectacle.  

tale of two worlds weimar creme johann wolff

The Weimar glasses were born from design principles established in the Bauhaus school of design, named after the first city in which the school was established in 1919. The Weimar pulls inspiration from the chunky balconies of the Bauhaus school’s architecture and its furniture constructed of metal pipes with curved corners. One of the more elaborate frames of the JW roster, a modernized cat-eye with design sensibilities of the past. The Weimar is a predominantly female-centric frame, yet suitable for the daring man wanting to stand out from the crowd. Its lack of adornment and presence make it a unique addition to the JW family.

tale of two worlds model shot johann wolff

While we’ve covered the bases of essential frames with models such as the Otto and Kepler, we at JW want to slowly push the envelope and educate our clients on eyewear through our design interests. Our design team began to explore a new path through frames such as the Anna and Carousel, which have proven to be bestsellers. We now continue to do so through the Martin and Weimar, which come from different points of reference yet share similar design sensibilities. Our team encourages you to get out of your comfort zone. Push your boundaries and explore new eyewear moments through the Martin and Weimar.