Glasses Fit for Performance - The Anna


The Anna Frame By Johann Wolff, a Glasses Icon

Why is it that certain creations seem to take on a seemingly determined route once released into the wild? It is as though they have a pre-determined path in store for them once interacted with. This can be said for the Anna, a boldly charismatic pair of spectacles that has been making the rounds amongst creatives from many different walks of life. Yet, there seems to be a recurring theme as to those members of the Johann Wolff family that have chosen the Anna to be part of their lives. They all are conducting a performance for the world on stage, with their Anna sunglasses front and center.

glasses fit for performance the anna johann wolff

From Life on Planets to Abeja and Juanchi Sucre; three musicians that have chosen to incorporate the Anna into their aesthetic arsenal. Their repertoire of accessories that expresses who they are to the world. The Anna is inspired by a romanticized portal into the 70’s.

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A time that birthed some of the most impactful musicians the world has come to know. A time of grandeur and opulence, bold styling cues and powerful presence. In the world of style, there has been a resurgence of not only this aesthetic but the ideologies that come with it. Some say that this current generation is the rebirthed flower child generation.

glasses fit for performance the anna johann wolff

These three artists, that produce radically different music from one another, seem to share a similar aesthetic value. One of the now, of the bold and of the present. The Anna is a striking frame that won’t be missed wherever it is present. Yet, it is a boldness that has a certain subtlety to it. Its sharp, square silhouette serves as the perfect canvas for musicians and clients alike to paint their own future with style. Not only does the Anna serve as the perfect stand-alone pair of sunnies for a single-frame collection, but it is a great shape to add custom tinted lenses to. Something that the Johann Wolff team is extremely passionate about. Guiding every eyewear interaction to see it through to its fruition. From start to finish, crafting unique experiences. 

glasses fit for performance the anna johann wolff

The Anna has become one of our dearest frames in the Johann Wolff eyewear assortment. It’s the perfect frame for anyone looking to channel a modern-retro aesthetic. Transporting its wearers to a time where the ground was broken and new paths were paved for future generations to build upon. From the artist to the casual consumer, the Anna sunglasses just makes sense. Simple as that. No Frills. Join the performance and contribute to the on-going disruption of structures. Just as the disruptors of industry from the past, continue to live out their legacies through the Anna. One barrier at a time.

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