The Kampong - A Floridian Oasis

A strong air of romance characterizes the days before the internet. A larger world defined by slower times. Days of exploration across the black sands of the French Polynesian islands, spanning into the Andean villages possessing a spiritual connection to their land. Men and women driven by curiosity towards mysterious lands. Where communities far removed from the modern world live in peace. Faraway lands that you only read about in books, painting a picture of the unknown. Remnants of this still exist today, yet stand as only a reminder of simpler times from a distant past.kampong coconut grove johann wolff eyewear

You don't have to go too far to be reminded, so long as your curiosity is present. South Florida's wetlands were once a treacherous frontier yet to be tamed by man. Burmese pythons, crocodiles and Manchineel Trees (the deadliest tree in the world) all local inhabitants. Within all this spans a small plot of land in Coconut Grove's neighborhood known as The Kampong. Formerly the home of David Fairchild. A botanist that is revered for bringing over 80,000 exotic seeds and plant species to the United States. Within those, pistachios, East Indian Mangos and avocados, to name a few. The Kampong is now a botanical garden that can be enjoyed by the public and it so happens to be the location of the current Johann Wolff campaign. Introducing new additions to the JW family, the Martin and Weimar. As well as highlighting new colors in sun and optical frames, such as Mango and Ivory.kampong coconut grove johann wolff eyewear

The Kampong was chosen as the location for this campaign due to its indicative South Florida beauty. A dance between the shade provided by the tree canopy and the warm Florida sun's beaming rays, illuminating the garden and its array of vivid colors. It subtly screams Miami, allowing viewers to see the city through local eyes. Purposefully highlighting the beauty of the local flora serves as the perfect backdrop for eyewear inspired by a distant past. A reminder of where we came from.kampong coconut grove johann wolff eyewear

This is the first installment of a series that will take you on a voyage throughout Miami, via a local lens. Guiding the viewer on the atypical beauty of the city is deeply rooted in the essence of Johann Wolff. Born from German heritage and a tropical upbringing, Johann Wolff lives in a world parallel to ours, existing in the past filled with exploration and innovation. Pushing the boundaries of design, one frame at a time.