How to Take Care of Your Sunglasses, 3 Tips and Tricks

johann wolff how to take care of your sunglasses

3 Tips For Taking Care of High-Quality Sunglasses 

When it comes to buying sunglasses, the quality of the lens is just as important as the style. Taking care of high-quality sunglasses may seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of knowledge and some simple steps, it can be easy to keep your sunglasses looking and performing their best. Here are a few tips on how to properly maintain your sunglasses. 

First, always make sure to understand what material your sunglasses are made of and ask questions regarding care. This will give you specific guidance on how to clean and store your sunglasses. 

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Second, never use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to clean your sunglasses. This can damage the lenses and frames. Instead, use a soft, microfiber cloth to gently wipe away any smudges and fingerprints. If there’s dirt and debris, always rinse the frame with water and lather up with soap. This will allow for the debris to slide off the surface without causing any harm. 

Third, if your sunglasses get wet such as during a trip to the beach, never wipe the lenses dry with a paper towel or your shirt without rinsing them off first. This can leave behind scratches.

When it comes to the beach specifically, salt particles in the air can land on your glasses. And, when these dry and you attempt to clean them with just your cleaning cloth, it will act as sand paper, scratching both the frame and lens. So, use soap and water, or a cleaning spray such as the one that comes with all pairs of Johann Wolff sunglasses.

johann wolff how to take care of your sunglasses

Instead, use a soft, microfiber cloth to gently blot the lenses dry. Well all of this may seem simple, many avoid these steps, and end up with smudged, scratched, or worse, broken glasses. So whether you have Johann Wolff sunglasses or any other brand, maintaining them is key.

Sunglasses Maintenance: Tips and Tricks

  1. Taking Care of Johann Wolff Sunglasses
  2. Maintaining Acetate Sunglasses
  3. Johann Wolff Accident Replacement 

Taking Care of Johann Wolff Sunglasses

Let’s use Johann Wolff sunglasses as an example. One of our most popular pairs, the Carousel, comes in a variety of colors. And while the color does not typically matter for care purposes, the material does. With the Johann Wolff Carousel glasses, the frames are made of high-density cellulose acetate. For a simple clean, a microfiber towel may do the trick. 

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However, if your glasses need more than this, the best method is using a tad bit of non-abrasive soap and water. Using soap on a pair of glasses is just like washing a car. First start with water, then use soap to lift the dirt particles, then rinse again to remove. Afterward, use a microfiber towel, to clean the dirt, water, and debris off of your glasses without damaging them. Once finished, you should have a sparkling pair of sunglasses.

johann wolff how to take care of your sunglasses

Maintaining Acetate Glasses

As far as maintenance, keeping your frames clean is half the battle. As mentioned before, using soap and water is typically your best bet as long as the liquid is removed once cleaning is finished. This will help to keep your acetate glasses looking shiny and ready for the next day in the sun. 

When you're looking to protect your sunglasses, it's important to find a case that will do the job. Not all cases are created equal, though. Some cases are better than others at keeping your sunglasses safe. Johann Wolff sunglasses come with a vegan leather case alongside a microfiber cloth. This case will ensure safekeeping for your glasses for the lifetime of their wear. 

johann wolff how to take care of your sunglasses

Johann Wolff Accident Replacement 

Every Johann Wolff frame comes with a lifetime guarantee in case of a manufacturing defect. Say you happen to damage or break your frame? No need to stress it - every JW pair of glasses comes with a free replacement in case of the slight mishap that can creep up on us at any time.

At the end of the day, having a pair of sunglasses that will last you a lifetime, is all about care and maintenance. While it can be tricky to always do your best keeping your glasses safe, routine cleaning and caring for, will help to give you the best chance at keeping your glasses for years to come.