Johann Wolff

Inspired by True Events

Miami Eyewear with a deep german heritage. 

"The world is vast, and it has room for everything. You choose how you want to see it; you determine the color of your filter. The more you discover, the more you learn; this will open your mind. We are non-stop investigators of our passion: Eyewear. All that we have searched and discovered is poured into Johann Wolff's designs and overall quality. We never settle for less than our personal standards and beliefs; this is what we think you should have. It's authentic, it's accessible, its what we all deserve."

Johann Wolff


Johann Wolff exists to be the purveyor of high-quality eyewear at an accessible price point. We believe our duty is to craft eyewear that provides the best return on your investment. All of our glasses are tested to stand the test of time, but accidents happen. That is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our frames. If they break, bring them back to us, and we will replace them free of charge. We stand by our products and hope to inspire all of our clients to fall in love with eyewear just as we have. We at Johann Wolff believe that everyone deserves well-made glasses; that’s why everyone deserves Johann Wolff.


Johann Wolff stems from a romantic idea of a past full of inspirational design, coupled with the intrigue to continue innovating. Our designs reference classic eyewear silhouettes that can be seen throughout the industry while pushing the boundaries and creating our own path. We at Johann Wolff use our travels and life experiences as fuel to keep our creative fire going. Our designs provide our consumers with everyday frames they won’t think twice about wearing.


Johann Wolff is friends with you and with the world. Because of this, we use biodegradable and careful materials with the highest quality and the lowest impact on the environment. Our commitment is overall to create things that stand the test of time. That way, we can all keep cultivating, enjoying, and sharing our passions with the world. 
Johann Wolff's

Quality Promise

We at Johann Wolff [JW] take pride in constantly improving our production methods to provide our consumers with the best quality product at our offered price point. All our frames are designed in Miami and handmade in Hong Kong using premium cellulose acetate or stainless steel and fitted with CR-39 lenses with an anti-reflective coating. Acetate frames are built with a stainless steel temple core, held in place by riveted 5-barrel hinges. Unlike commonly used ornamentation, rivets secure the temples to the front creating a stronger frame. In addition, we fit the majority of our frames with polarized lenses, which offer increased glare reduction on those extra sunny days.

Lifetime Warranty

Let’s accept it; accidents happen. Every Johann Wolff frame comes with a lifetime guarantee. So say you happen to damage or break your frame? There is no need to stress over it – every pair of JW glasses comes with a free replacement to make those accidents hurt a little less.