JW x Mr. C Hotel:
A Protector to the Windows of the Soul

JW x Mr. C Hotel: A Protector to the Windows of the Soul

To serve is to love. Five words that stand as a testament to the selflessness of the Cipriani legacy. Where form and function have been revered as the ultimate luxury. Nothing more and nothing less. From the inception of the Carpaccio to the imagination of the Bellini, the never-ending giving spirit of love through creations intended to be consumed by the public. The ultimate act of selflessness. It is only deemed appropriate to continue this stride towards effortless creation through a collaboration between like-minded individuals looking to offer something of value and admiration to the world.
Johann Wolff [JW] & Mr. C have partnered up to gift the world a merger of ideas, an unequivocal gesture of love that serves as an exclusive object of affection for the Miami – Coconut Grove hotel. Given history’s long love affair with Italian eyewear, from the bold sunglasses of Marcello Mastroianni to the unmistakable Persol’s of Steve McQueen, this union felt as though it were destiny. JW & Mr. C unite as one to bring the world a sunglass that serves as a protector of the windows to your soul; the eyes.
The Carousel serves as the canvas by which this love story is told. A frame that has become a staple in the Johann Wolff collection, due its form and function. Vintage-inspired proportions, modernized by state-of-the-art intentional craftsmanship, make this a genuinely effortless spectacle. Nothing more and nothing less. All one needs is a pair of sunglasses to channel the same sprezzatura as the forefathers of Italian style. Vintage Tortoise, Ivory, and Black; a color palette derived from the timeless elegance of Cipriani’s tasteful décor. All coupled with blue polarized lenses, a romantic reminder of the Caribbean and its mysterious allure that can be felt through the streets of Miami.
The centerpiece that solidifies this union of ideas is the Mr. C emblem embossed on the outer portion of the temple end of each frame. A constant visual reminder of the Cipriani way; To serve is to love. Truly, the essence of this exclusive partnership. Johann Wolff, like Mr. C, takes pride in serving its community by providing accessible quality eyewear time and time again. The act of love toward the local community is what makes this exclusive collaboration profoundly significant. A true testament to the Cipriani legacy that unites with the deep heritage of the Johann Wolff essence, cemented through eyewear.