About Us

Johann Wolff [JW] is a Miami-based eyewear producer with a deep German heritage, focusing on classic silhouettes that push the boundaries of everyday spectacles one design at a time. Each frame is handcrafted, utilizing premium cellulose acetate in Hong Kong. As a result, JW provides the best everyday frames that you won’t think twice about wearing.

JW combines classic silhouettes with modern design sensibilities to achieve refreshing takes on tried and true classics. Advanced production methods and meticulous attention to detail are at the core of what JW stands for. Pulling inspiration from undeniable classics and vintage frames acquired over the years by the founders, Lorenzo and Eric Vicens. JW matures with you as your taste develops, offering eyewear that ages gracefully through well-crafted design.

With nearly a decade’s worth of blood, sweat, and tears within the eyewear industry, the brothers decided to compile their years of knowledge and launch their brand, Johann Wolff, in 2020. Providing the public with an accessible brand that does not lack the personality and taste of its luxury counterparts. By following the discipline of German auto manufacturing coupled with its accessibility, JW lives in a market of its own. 

Effortless, elegant, and timeless, JW offers eyewear designs that withstand the test of time while pushing aesthetic boundaries through research and innovation. Lorenzo and Eric draw inspiration from their tastes outside of eyewear, be it music, film, watches, or cars. Their love for all things well-crafted by man inspires angles and rivets that all JW frames bear. Providing the wearer with an accumulation of design references from all over the globe. Stamping each JW frame with a recognizable feel. 

At JW, we take pride in placing our clients in one of our frames that will make them fall in love with eyewear. We are not in the business of selling; we are in the business of guiding you through an eyewear journey to the perfect frame for your face. Making Johann Wolff an everyday essential.