Gatsby Eyeglasses


The Gatsby serves as a portal to the Roaring twenties; a time of well-mixed whiskey highballs and summer gowns. These sunglasses are characterized by their round silhouette and clean lines, offering a distinctly romantic feel of simpler times. Whether you’re spending an evening at the racetracks or summering by ocean, these frames fit the bill.

Fits best on small to medium faces.

- 46mm Lens / 21mm Bridge / 140mm Temple
- High-Density Cellulose Acetate
- Stainless Steel Temple Core for Strength and Durability
- 5 Barrel Hinge with Signature Hexagon Design
- Forest Green Vegan Leather Case & Microfiber Cloth

Let's accept it, accidents happen.

Every Johann Wolff frame comes with a lifetime guarantee in case of a manufacture defect. Say you happen to damage or break your frame? No need to stress it - every JW pair of glasses comes with a free replacement in case of the slight mishap that can creep up on us at any time.

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